Community Work

Our school is a community project – aimed at uplifting and empowering the children and their families in the surrounding villages. The school is a source of immense community pride, with many of our pupils being the bringers of literacy to their homes.

Nsobe Trust Campus is built on land given to the school by the community. The school is owned and protected by the Community. Local villagers have built the school and continue to maintain it. The school is built with burnt mud bricks made by our school children’s families, bringing much-needed income.
We also have outreach days in the school where particular grades help and encourage the elderly and destitute within their community. We are teaching them that although they themselves have nothing, they can always help others with their time and effort.

Children’s Ministry:
Every Wednesday afternoon we run Early Child development activities – for under 5 children and their mothers. We also teach the mothers about child care, hygiene and nutrition.

Safe Water:
Through the school and Rotary 2 boreholes have been given to the community which is vital for access to safe drinking water. At the end of the dry season village wells dry up, and members of the community are walking up to 5kms to our boreholes to access clean water for drinking, cooking and washing.

Health Programmes:
Through the school children and their families are able to access basic health care.
We run deworming programmes, dental care, and help to co-ordinate immunisation days with the Ministry of Health.
We are pushing for a Clinic of our own to be built for the greater community at the School Campus.
We offer guidance and sex ed to the children in an area where HIV and teenage pregnancy is rife

Public Library and Adult Literacy:
We have recently been donated, through Seeds of Hope, a Container and 6000 books which will be turned into Library open to the community in March. A generator and solar panels have also been donated which will help us to offer night adult literacy courses.

CopperKing Project:
We have been working on an African development model as part of the CopperKing Vision : The Development of Africa by Africans for God.
The model to be replicated is called the Nsobe model (this is a land development project with 16 departments covering agriculture, aquaculture and tourism and for which trials were run and systems and procedures developed).
The Nsobe model incorporates:
• private sector development
• with staff equity participation (effectively 55% of Nsobe/Miengwe Farm Ltd is owned by our staff)
• and a social development aspect linking us to the surrounding communities (ie we have trialled 10 small scale out grower models through which we interact with the surrounding villagers and Nsobe is the Hub with surplus infrastructural capacity and we trade with our neighbours for profit not charity)
Together with the government we would start a project in every willing chiefs area across Zambia (and the chief would be given a stake so that he has a perpetual income) and the financing was to be raised by listing the CopperKing on the LuSE and shares sold only to Zambian nationals and through cel phone and modern-day electronic banking so that even rural people would have access to this.
To staff these projects we started Nsobe Trust School and are adding a grade a year until grade 12 and then together with the govt we were taking this into a Natural Resources college in the disciplines which we are economically engaged in ie these children would not only receive an education up to a tertiary level but a guarantee of a job in which they would earn shares.
In order to create a link with Zambian society we started a music project which carried our vision (as the inside blurb on the CD cover) and which carried messages and seeds for mind-set change for the better of our society.
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Shyman Shaizo, Nsobe Trust School’s Ambassador