Sponsor a Teacher

Sponsor a child, uplift a family. Sponsor a teacher and you will uplift a community!

Head Teacher and Director, Reagan Shipekesa, leads and runs the school. He guides, trains and motivates our teachers while demanding high educational standards.

Please sponsor a teacher’s monthly salary, so that we can attract and retain quality teachers to educate, uplift and develop the children of our community and break the cycle of illiteracy and poverty.

Most of our teachers come from disadvantaged backgrounds and have struggled against the odds to put themselves through school and tertiary education. They now feel called to return to the grass roots and help educate our village children.

We need teacher’s support on a monthly basis, Contribute and walk the journey of educating our Zambian children and uplifting a community together.

Cover a monthly salary of K2000/ $200 (or part thereof)

Our 13 dedicated Teachers bring lasting hope and serve as role models and counsellors in a broken community teaching Christ-Centred education. School is fun and exciting for pupils where they are very loved!

Visit the Teachers Aid Website To Sponsor a Teacher on a monthly basis, or download the Teacher Aid Support Fund PDF Here


Help educate our children